Taiko Drum Master: 7 Islands' Adventure

This is a rhythmic game which gamer must use their stylus to touch the screen to follow the rhythm. A very addictive gameplay indeed. Unfortunately, this game which is called, 7-tsu no Shima no Daibouken is released in japan only, at least for now. The language is still Japanese too.
Taiko is a traditional big drum in Japan. People play taiko in a festival or special ceremony. It is very popular in Japan. Actually there are arcade games for this genre and it has many fans already.
But take a look at the screenshot, the graphic is colorful and fascinating. It looks funny though.
It offers seven of the island stage to conquer. You must play from one island to another. There is a training stage before you play the real thing. 50 songs are offered to be played. With this many songs it offers much and longer fun.
I am still waiting for the translation version for this game, or maybe an English game with this genre. But of course the song must be good too.
A great game for Nintendo DS definitely. If you are looking for good gameplay, addictive, not too much thinking (puzzling) then this is for you.

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