Talk to My Hand

Some of my friend when they involved in a boring chat, or not in a mood for a conversation say something like “ooh, just talk to my hand”. It is actually some kind of joke so we can change the topic of conversation.
But hey now you can really talk with your hand. Not really your hand actually but a glove in your hand. This very glove has another function as a phone. This new gadget called G-cell glove from Swany manufacturer can be used as a phone. It has a microphone and speaker integrated and some control button to make a call and also visual indication. It is using Bluetooth link so it may be used as a cellphone.
This is an innovative idea from the manufacturer. But the gloves look heavy and not so portable. It is designed as a ski gloves anyway.
Some technical data of this gadget is:
  • Bluetooth 2.0 complient

  • Voice Dialing compliant

  • Vibration and Visual Alarm

  • Standby around 240 hours

  • 48 hours talk-time

  • Rechargeable Lithium Ion Polymer Battery

  • Waterproof electronic system
Imagine you are skiing and still receiving call without take out your gloves to grab your phones. This gadget design is pretty good also as a glove for skiing. We still don’t know how good the functionality or conformity on using this gadget is.
The price of this gadget is still unknown too, but we may expect this will cost much. But looking at this revolutionary idea, we may look onto something cool in the future

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