Wanna Know More About Someone?

You may know someone for an instant at meeting, party, or street when you walk around or somewhere else. But you didn’t know him/her except by the name. When you got home you realize that you want to know more about him/her. But you don’t know how to reach him/her because you only got the name. So what?
Well, why not using internet to do so? You can use something like people search service on the web.
If you tracking people on Europe, there is a new people search website you can use. It’s called 123People.123People crawls data on the web about someone and their status. You can search for information in social network, wikipedia, photos and video sharing site, blog, newsgroup, online directories and such.
There are already a couple of people search engine out there, but differ with the other 123People use a better algorithm and more focused on Europe area. It aggregate many data on people, even video about them. You may claim your profile if already profiled by 123People. It also tries to protect the privacy by tracking someone who look for another people profile. So, if there any misuse you may still find out who have been looking on your profile.

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