10 Best Free Office Software

Office application is one of the most important applications nowadays. There are various softwares to choose. The most popular one is Microsoft Office suite. But you may want to take a look and try or move into some free office software out there. There are also various free office softwares with its function and abilities. Some of them have high quality and pretty useful. Here is the list of high rated free office software around you may want to try:

  1. OpenOffice - office suite

  2. PC Suite 602 - office suite

  3. AbiWord - text editor

  4. Atlantis Nova - text editor

  5. Sunbird - calendar/organizer

  6. Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer - power point viewer

  7. Foxit PDF Reader - pdf reader

  8. PDFCreator - create pdf documents

  9. Doc Convertor - document convertor

  10. ATnotes - create notes on the desktop

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