Are You Fast Enough? –Free Internet Speed Test

When you first installing or troubleshooting your internet connection, you may want to know how fast your connection speed. Or perhaps a slow down connection happens. It is wise to test our internet connection speed. From the test we may know what causing the problem and hopefully solve it.
To do Internet speed, there are many website out there offering the service. But why don’t we looking for free one. Some of the website has free connection test. Such as:
  1., measures the performance of your broadband connection. At the end of each test, you are presented with the download (the speed of data from the server to your computer) and upload (the speed of sending data from your computer to the server) bandwidth speeds. Very interesting with flash interface. Nice one.
  2., An old and huge site with community. Offering five option of test including flash based and java based
  3., Graphical based with other service such as VoIP test.
  4. Speakeasy Speed Test, Simple yet easy and accurate. Using server in United States. Finish up with a sales pitch from Speakeasy.
  5. CNET Bandwidth Meter, check the bandwidth of your Internet connection against top DSL, cable modem, and other broadband services.
  6. Bandwidth Speed Test — Very simple. Basic
Now try test your connection!. Happy testing.

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