Photo and Image Search

For everyday use, photo and images are essential. We can found many photos and image on the web. People may post their nice photo on the web or photo directory. By using common search engine we may got a low quality picture which is not desirable. Better if we search photos and images by using photo search engine. There are many website providing search for photo and image free for us to use. Here are some we can use:

  • Google Image Search. An almost default search engine for most people, Google, give us a special function for searching image and photos. Great for looking on various pictures. With the advanced image search we can get a better result.

  • Flickr. Flickr is a social networking site for photos and picture. People share and post their photo here. A very great site. Great amount of picture from people around the world.

  • Yotophoto. Indexing a million of free to use photos. The source is coming from many other web such as flikr above, wikipedia, and many more

  • Fotosearch.Provide royalty free and rights managed stock photography, illustrations, maps, video, and audio. You can order the image to be yours.

  • Picasa. From Picasa, you can make your own gallery and search for other photos.

  • PicSearch. Got a unique search algorithm, a family friendly for children protection when searching photos, and simple.

  • Pixsy. A very nice photo search engine and directory. Unique photo collection and also have music and video for your blog.

  • Everystockphoto.A good one. Need to sign up. You can also see the forum and blog.

  • Istockphoto.Have exclusive collection. Download in many size and resolution.

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