Deep in Blue and Black DS

Are you feeling blue ? and want to grab a handheld ? try this new Nintendo DS with cobalt/black color. Announced by nintendo to be released on 11th february in US market.
The US market already got 6 color before, which is: Polar White, Coral Pink, Onyx, Crimson/Black, and limited edition Gold and Metallic Rose.

This new DS lite has a black base with cobalt for the clamshell. Bundled with Brain Age 2 game. DS already became one of the most wanted gaming system and leader in handheld market. Since launched on 2004, DS has sold more than 17,6 million in US only. With the unique game system and many tittles supporting it, DS still considered to be the best handheld ever.
This new color is not considered as the last color or design for DS release. In future, there may be many more color for DS. Nintendo planning to design some more color and a redesign for DS. But the new redesign may released in relatively long time,waiting the DS selling to decline. Well, still expecting another color, a green maybe ?

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