PSP vs. DS: Why DS is better

Many people I know who start to look into having a portable video game or handheld usually have a doubt whether they should buy a PSP or purchase a Nintendo DS instead. It is rather difficult to choose if you know nothing about these two gadgets.
Confuse no more; DS is better than PSP in many ways. PSP is a great system and has their advantage over DS mostly in graphical and technical area. But actually there is a reason why DS is a better handheld than PSP.
People at Gizmodo already write their 8-reason why PSP can’t defeat DS. And I write my own, well not as much as 8 but I think these are the most important. Here they are:
  1. Sales, everyone talk about sales. So here they are. DS sales are way greater than PSP. Take a look at the console hardware sales in US for 2007. DS is in the top position with 8,500,000 sales and PSP with just 3,820,000. People know which one is better console. Beside, there is much more DS player you can have multiplaying games with than PSP player out there.

  2. Game software sales, another sales section, DS games sell way better. As in top 100 of all time, there are no PSP games in the top 100. DS got their games such as nintendogs in the chart. In future software developer may consider develop much more good games in DS and better support from many vendors. DS will have a great number of titles around.

  3. The fun you had, yes this is the most important one from a game device. Gaming is about to have fun. With DS’s unique game style and unique tittles there you may have a great fun never been given before by anther game system. DS use a stylus, a dual screen and microphone for voice recognition or blowing game style. It offers a new experience in gaming. From the interview with Nintendo CEO we could say that the consideration of DS creation is how to deliver the fun of gaming even for someone who doesn’t know gaming at all. How DS game can easily introduced to someone and they already feel the fun. Even though Nintendo didn’t forget for the hardcore game fans by releasing great tittles for them. Many DS games is an exclusive one, you can’t find them in other game system.

  4. The portability, hey it’s a portable device after all. DS dimension is smaller than PSP and the size is preferable to be carried around. DS is a clamshell device, so the risk of scratched screen is minimized. With PSP if you don’t get a screen protector, you may scratch your screen by accident. DS design is way too cool, Nintendo release various color for DS.

  5. The price, yeah the price. For all the fun you had with DS you can get it cheaper than PSP. The software tittles also cheaper than PSP games.

So for all those reason I choose DS better than PSP. I’m not denying PSP superiority in graphical and technical areas than DS. For the people who loves graphic and technical things in PSP and doesn’t care much about gaming, you may go for PSP. Nintendo still develop DS so the other function such as WiFi and other thing can get better in future. For the sake of gaming experience with cheaper price, choose DS.

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